Energetic Therapies IN Bio-Resonance

Ancestral Wisdom & Quantum Technology

Specialist in Karmic Liberations, Ancestors genetic memory  and Soul regression

ONLINE & Montpellier (France)

Psycho-Energetic, Quantum & Soul Therapy

Quantum Expertise LVA - Life Vibration Analyser ®

Scalar Waves Harmonisation BFS - Bioenergetic Feeling System ®

Energetic & quantum care / Traditional chinese medecine
Karmic liberation / Ancestor genetic memory release / Soul regression
Sound harmonization with Tibetan bowls / Shamanic journey / Guided meditation
Personal development / Well-being and psycho-emotional coaching / Energetic dietetic coaching

"The idea is to fuel the energy of divine perfection to enhance healing, rather than to fuel the energy of sickness."
Sandra Ingerman "Awakening to the spirit world"

The human being is a holistic being and our harmonic vibration is a set of energy fields which are defined on several levels : physical, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual. Aura is the expression of our vital field protecting of our body and whose Chakras form doors of connections between an intimate part of ourselves and the Universe.

“The answer is at the heart of the question you are asking. The treasure you covet is not outside, it is within you. » Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki

In the energy care, my energy is a gateway, a channel, to help to harmonize a set of unbalanced energy fields, cut, blocked or emptied of their substance. It is simplely, it is a reconnection of the soul in the sense of the living.

These energy fields carrying multiple and powerful informations, that understand each other, recognize each other and work together in a natural synergy, which is a heritage of the creation of the world. The therapeutic objective is to restore a balance for personal well-being, but also to free oneself from limiting and toxic memories. And this harmonization is obtained when our energies have the freedom to circulate and perform their functions, like the water of the torrent flowing in its bed to travel freely towards the ocean and fulfill its destiny before a new phase of transformation.

The symptom is never the cause. It is a sign that our whole being is sending us through our physical body to inform us that something is wrong, or is going wrong into us, and that we are out of tune, disoriented or even disconnected. And these symptoms, like their consequences through illness, can be violent, mirroring the deep imbalance in us.

A psycho-energetic treatment or support, it is together patient and therapist that it is carried out. Without your deep desire for healing, without mutual trust, there will be no real change. But with beautiful positive and sincere intentions, many.


My specialty, and the field of action that I love, is karmic liberation and ancestrors genetic memory release as well as contact with the deceased (ancestors).


All sessions in individual, couple and family, are performed with a quantum psycho-energetic check-reports with LVA - Life Vibration Analyzer ®. It makes it possible to establish precise reports for personalized vibrational care in Bioenergy, Psycho-energetics and Bio-resonance.


Individually, the 3 domains or personal plans of actions and support that I offer (which I no longer do the symptomatic linked to the structural of the physical body, therefore no more acupuncture or tuina massage):
  •     Psycho-emotional : Insomnia / Irritability Anger / Burn-Out Depression / Addiction / Anxiety / Fear Phobia / Hyperactivity
  •     Mental Mind : Positive mental posture / Personal coherence / Creation of the future / Energetic dietetics
  •     Trans-personal : Wounds of soul / Ancestors genetic memories / Karmic liberation
All energy care sessions are carried out in the rules of the art of practice and hygiene, with respect for patient confidentiality, with listening and kindness.


Energetic cares are based on an "energy balance in relation to energy imbalances". In any case, the wellness therapies offered do not replace any treatment and medical follow-up.