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Scalar Waves Harmonisation BFS - Bioenergetic Feeling System ®

BFS - Bioenergetic Feeling System ®

Harmonisation & correction with scalar waves

I use in my psycho-energetic care sessions the BFS device Bioenergetic Feeling System ® which was also developed by the Swiss researcher in Geobiology and Bioenergy Stéphane Cardinaux, whose training course in Bioenergy and Quantum Psycho-energetic reports.

The programs allow me to support my work on the psycho-energetic sphere, grounding, body regeneration, personal posture, releasing memories, letting go, etc.

I also design my own BFS programs from my personal research (products, plants, places, etc ...), which you can find in my Shop online, or according to the Psycho-energetic reports of patients to make corrections vibrations adapted to the session.


>> Download here the technical note of the "Feeling Box" et des fichiers BFS (only in french) <<


"BFS is a device for generating bioenergetic effects, perceptible in the body and physically measurable. It consists of a transmitter specially designed to broadcast series of frequencies or vibrational signatures. It helps to align and thin the subtle bodies, to manage mental and emotional stress." (

Spectacular effects of 3 minutes of the "Feeling Box" on a glass of water :

Test réalised with program BFS N°07 "Letting go & reliance" (Album : Well-Being & Spirituality)

The harmonization is extremely fast (tested here after only 3 minutes) with the amplifier in Shungite cube + pyramid and we find the effects of the BFS program N ° 7 "Letting go and reliance" integrated at the level of :

  • Body chakras (emotional, personal space) "feel in its place / be without expectation / feel valued / calm / tranquility / calm mind / capacity for discernment / be in the present moment"
  • Extra-corporeal chakras (near future, mental posture) "objective vision of reality / have your place / get out of power games / inner calm / unruffled / intuitive knowledge".

Psycho-energetic quantum report with the LVA

Made in Switzerland :

"A totally innovative system that allows you to put more awareness and well-being in your daily life."

The Bioenergetic Feeling System ® allows to generate bioenergetic effects, perceptible in the body and physically measurable. It consists of a transmitter, the "Feeling Box" specially designed to broadcast the frequencies of the specific audio range by converting them into scalar waves.

Coupled with amplifiers (explanatory table at the bottom of the page), the Feeling Box allows information to be disseminated up to a radius of more than 5m. It works with a series of albums containing .wav files allowing you to access a wide range of vibrational signatures of crystals, trees, plants, mountains, as well as programs for well-being and development personal or spiritual.

What the Feeling Box brings you :

  • Manage your mental and emotional stress
  • Rediscover or maintain a state of well-being
  • Generate coherence between your thoughts and your actions
  • Align and thin your subtle energetic bodies
  • Express your potential as a human
  • Develop your perceptions and your feelings
  • Experiment with altered states of consciousness

The three main functions of the Feeling Box with specific albums :

  • Harmonize and transform your energy system to find or maintain a state of well-being as well as a balance in relationships with others and the environment
  • Support and facilitate your internal work on past or current issues and generate a future more in line with your intentions and your potential
  • Develop and refine your perceptions and your bodily feelings thanks to a didactic tool specifically designed for this purpose (exercises of feeling of the chakras, organs, vertebrae, etc.)

The operation is simple :

  • Get the free files and albums on Espace Tellura personalized following a Quantum assessment and psycho-energetic treatment.
  • To start with the Feeling Box, I recommend the album "Well-being and spirituality" which offers files that respond to a set of energy issues or / and the "Keywords" album to work on recurring issues highlighted with psycho-energetic assessments.
  • Connect the Feeling Box and place the Shungite amplifiers you have chosen on it (items to order below)
  • Broadcast the selected file to loop, from any device capable of playing audio files (smartphone, computer, Mp3 player) either for 10 minutes to develop your energy feeling, or 1 hour to enjoy it, or as a "vibrational cure" for an in-depth change (for example every night for 1 month).
  • Download the user manual for the Feeling Box and BFS files here.

! Warning ! The Feeling Box does not allow audio files to be played other than those intended for the well-being or care distribution of the Bioenergetic Feeling System ® range. The Bioenergetic Feeling System ® is not a medical therapeutic device.

Comparative table of shungite amplifiers :

Shungite is a black rock formed over 2 billion years ago. It comes from Karelia in Russia. It contains fullerenes, newly discovered molecules of spherical carbon. *

It has particularly interesting qualities:
  • energy regeneration and anchoring
  • energy and electromagnetic protection
  •  does not charge negatively (and therefore does not need special treatments)
* The items presented below have been carefully chosen for their qualities.

Order a "Feeling Box" and the appropriate "Shungite" amplifier :

You can request a direct order discount during assessments, workshops, internships, conferences, fairs. Free shipping for orders delivered on site. To do this, make your choice online (at the latest 48 hours before our appointment), specify the date of our interview in "order comment", choose the payment by check, Validate. I will give you your order and you can pay on the spot at your convenience by credit card, check, cash, shipping costs deducted.

Feeling Box (Bioenergetic Feeling System) + shungite amplificator

Device specialy made for using vibratory albums on Bioenergetic Feeling System.

  • 2 posibility of amplification "Medium" or "High"
  • The files are sold separately.
  • Shipping to Europe and delivery against signature.

250,00 €

  • malheureusement en rupture de stock


Energetic cares are based on an "energy balance in relation to energy imbalances". In any case, the wellness therapies offered do not replace any treatment and medical follow-up.