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Specialist in Karmic Liberations, Ancestors genetic memory  and Soul regression

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Psycho-Energetic, Quantum & Soul Therapy -

Quantum Expertise LVA - Life Vibration Analyser ®

Scalar Waves Harmonisation BFS - Bioenergetic Feeling System ®

Energetic & quantum care / Traditional chinese medecine
Karmic liberation / Ancestor genetic memory release / Soul regression
Sound harmonization with Tibetan bowls / Shamanic journey / Guided meditation
Personal development / Well-being and psycho-emotional coaching / Energetic dietetic coaching

My therapeutic approach

My experience linked to my life path, to which are added my training, my knowledge, my intuitive perceptions, my "clear feeling", my capacities as "soul smuggler", as contacts with the deceased, form the all of my know-how. The subtle informations to which I will be able to connect will allow us to go further in the process of understanding, of liberation, but also of well-being and renewal for the person who receives energy care.

Thus, the search for childhood traumas, transgenerational memories, karmic memories, original wounds are deepened to be released and pacified. The therapeutic process can be started on the following 5 levels or planes of consciousness: physical, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual.

I thus developed my methodology in energetic therapy, also according to my teachings, by associating ancestral traditions and quantum technologies, to make it a powerful tool and that I continually enrich new personal research:

  • Bio-Resonance
  • Bioenergy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Guided Meditation
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Shamanic Reliance
  • Psycho-energetic quantum report with LVA "Life Vibration Analyzer ®"
  • Scalar waves with BFS "Bioenergetic Feeling System ®"

During the sessions, I encourage dialogue, exchange and listening to open the doors to hidden and unconscious issues. From psycho-energetic reports, I draw up a map of the problems, but also of the why and the consequences. I then explain the therapeutic process as a whole, as well as the personal work that the patient must undertake to support his well-being and move forward on the path of a necessary change.


Everything is vibration, everything vibrates around us and in ourselves, down to the depths of our atonic particles. We are Quantum particles, and therefore composed of an intelligent and conscious energy.

Each external variation influences our personal balance or accentuates our internal imbalance. Each of our imbalances also disorients our close relational environment. Because we are in reciprocaly in "Resonance" with everything around us, and more particularly with what we are linked to (consciously and unconsciously), it is the law of quantum entanglement.

But this "Resonance" is our own and personal particularity, and it is different for each of us. We are all different, with a different history, different memories, a different present, a different soul, different needs, different vitality, different resilience, different personal constructions. And so this "resonance" will depend on our personal "terrain".

Bio-Resonance can be compared to the image of primordial energies (energy laws) of the Chinese tradition of Yin and Yang.

These energy laws are : interdependence, opposition, growth-decline, mutual transformation. Each event encountered in life will echo in us according to a process of resonance, revealing our limitations and our blockages, as our qualities and our potentials.

In addition, the laws of quantum entanglement of particles, of which we are also composed and whose vacuum represents 99.999% of structural space, adds a dimension of resonance between all things linked from the first moment of their meeting, whether at present but also in the distant past as in a probable future. This quantum entanglement is essential for understanding the laws of resonance. The information which is contained in the quantum vacuum field called "Akashic" is the key to this "causal" and "karmic" understanding, and which is accessible by certain techniques of "shamanic reliance", of "guided meditation" and "spiritual regression ".

My therapeutic approach in Bio-Resonance allows to highlight these echoes which highlight problems in a particular environment, by trying to bring an adequate solution for a cure and an optimal personal transformation.

LVA - Life Vibration Analyser ®

I carry out psycho-energetic check-up repports with the quantum device LVA - Life Vibration Analyzer ® which is a unique technology developed in Switzerland by the researcher in Bioenergy and Geobiology Stéphane Cardinaux and his team.

It is a unique tool at the forefront of Quantum research and technology, operating on the principle of Bio-resonance.

It also allows me to do research and development, to perform effective treatments for patients with the BFS - Bioenergetic Feeling System ®, like making professional expertise.

"In less than a minute, you get a very complete overview of your energetic and psychological state. Its strength is to decode (biological decoding) and then to represent, in the form of figures, texts or graphics, a multitude of information such as your karmic memories, what happened during your birth or during your childhood, what you are living now and will probably continue to live in the future. "

See my pro expertise page about products with many examples of tests > "Pro Expertises"

My Holistic practices

Bioenergy allows to act on the subtle energy fields of the human body and carrying information (etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual). Chakras are connecting doors between a subtle part of ourselves and the unified energy fields of the Universe.

Similarly, I use, in association with my energy work, the scalar wave technology of BFS Bioenergetic Feeling System ® to support certain actions in depth and LVA - Life Vibration Analyzer ® - for precise psycho-energetic reports.

For each LVA check-report during the session, I produce a report (then sent by email) with the most relevant measures, the associated comments and the corresponding advice. I also offer those who have a "Feeling Box" one or more vibration correction files to distribute to you.

The work in Bioenergy makes it possible to go in particular on the psycho-energetic sphere of the emotional and the mental, but also to interact on the causal and spiritual planes, like the traumas of childhood, the "transgenerational" heritage, the "karmic" memories and "soul wounds".

  • Action on psycho-energetic fields as emotional, mental, causal and spiritual.

Traditional Chinese Medicine makes it possible to take care of the person in its physical, psychological and energetic totality, it is an ancestral holistic approach. This global vision is therefore energetic, and symbolized by the two major fundamental forces of Yin and Yang and their cycles of transformation.

And in this spirit, the human body therefore constitutes a coherent organism whose different constituents are intimately linked energetically through the organs and networks of the meridians.

This ancestral energy approach, over 2000 years old, natural and very effective, allows you to work on the body, muscles, bones, vessels, blood, body fluids and the functioning of organs, their imbalances, insufficiencies or disturbances.

In addition, it highlights the relationships between man, the natural environment and his environment, directly or indirectly affecting his physiological, emotional and pathological balance. Our body is the founding structure of our existence, and without good physical health we can neither live in our full personal potential nor hope for a happy, serene and lasting future.

  • Action on the physical body and internal organs

Spiritual Regression in "Previous Lives" makes it possible to meet trauma and limitations carried by the ancestors of our trans-generational lines, but also karmic imprints and soul wounds.

It is a very particular field that contact with the deceased and the world of the invisible, because it requires being chosen to do so. It is a "gift" in a way, not as a talent but as a gift to share. This quality appeared to me during my life, in a long process of opening consciousness and mystical experiences.

Today, I can help people whose life is "blocked" by these memories, and who come to present themselves to them in various ways, but which are the signs that these people are designated to undertake this great liberation of their soul and pacification of these traumatic memories.

  • Action on the causal and spiritual sphere

 Energetic cares are based on an "energy balance in relation to energy imbalances". In any case, the wellness therapies offered do not replace any treatment and medical follow-up.