Personal DEveloppement

❃ To Go Further in his Personal Quest ❃

"What you are looking for you cannot find, because what you do not see is already on your shoulder"

Jérôme Rochelle

Personal Journey

Lighting on the heritage

When we look at the horizon, when we get to gain height from a summit, the perception of what we are changes because this vision becomes more global, detached and less self-centered. Very often, the events that we consider very important in our life, and which generate problems and suffering, are only minute details in the landscape of our existence. And these details have in the end only the importance (and the place) that we give them, because they are only the fruits of our personal "resonances". Our mind creates our reality, it is the projection of ourselves. What we perceive, feel, live in the moment is our mirror reflection of space-time.

"We are all co-actors (aware and unconscious) of everything that happens to us, both positive and negative"

In 100% of the cases, our "problems" and "sufferings" are brakes in our life and especially elements very toxic for our health and our vitality. However to move forward, evolve, grow and realize ourselves, we need energy, space and freedom.
  • Energy is our vital impulse which allows us to live, to take action, to carry out our dreams; it is the pivot of all creation within the universe.
  • Space is the breath we give to our soul, to our inner being; it is the sacred space of the heart, which allows us to be ourselves whole and united to the vibration of love of the world.
  • Freedom is that of letting the magic of creation work in us, without any limitation of our conditioning, our beliefs and our fears; it is the pure expression and essence of our existence.
  • Confidence is the presence that allows us to move forward, to build, to love, to be ourselves because we feel supported by the great forces of life and by those we love or esteem.
We are, each of us, co-actors (conscious and unconscious) of everything that happens to us, in "positive" as in "negative", during our existence, and this since the first day of our creation in the womb from our mother. The more we understand the web that connects us to the billions of things around us, the more we will ease our sufferings, free ourselves from our beliefs and our fears, to find our inner truth carrying an immense power of transformation and creation.

"And our primary responsibility is to convey a beautiful message of" love and peace ", for ourselves but also for the whole of our planet."

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