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shamanic drum journey - relaxation with Tibetan singing bowls - sacred chant and mantra

Music Albums for Personal Developement, Astral Pojection & Wellbeing

Shamanic Drum Journey into wild nature

- Music Albums for Personal Developpment -

These shamanic drum journeys have a vocation of healing and personal transformation. The intention of my travels is to guide "spiritualy" in the spaces of the invisible, the hereafter, guides and spirits. Each recording of a trip has its own function, linked to the place of nature and its vibratory energetic power. This point is important, because I always choose the recording locations in relation to the vibratory frequencies of this space, and therefore its energy potential to offer great particular and unique cosmo-telluric harmonics.

deep Relaxation & Guided Meditation

- Music Album for Deep Inner Exploration -

Tibetan bowls are extraordinary instruments designed to heal and are part of the tools of traditional Tibetan medicine. Each bowl is handcrafted in Nepal and I chose them for the very high sound, vibratory and harmonic qualities. These are therapeutic bowls. Each bowl acts specifically on different chakras, as well as on all the chakras harmonics measurable with the LVA (Life Vibration Analyzer®), that is to say the 3rd  harmonics of the higher planes of consciousness at 25,000Hz.

Deep Sound Relaxations with Tibetan Bowls and Voice in Mantra

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